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I agree with Judy that we seem to have lost some of our best posters. For a while this board was a fountain of information. I'll take a crack at info on the Str. Washington photos. If I'm all wrong I hope all you experts come out of the woodwork and jump my case. Fred Way once told me he would slip in a error on a story in the Reflector just to get a real good fight started as to facts. The Str. Washington is on the Dravo ways to repair damage done to her bow by striking the lock gates at Ohio River lock #8, on August 16,1936.

Kent Booth is the man on the left, the man in the white shirt and slacks is Capt. Fred Way, the lady is Charlotte Way ( Fred's first wife), the little girl, partly hidden by her mom is Betty Way ( Bee Rutter), the little boy is Fred Way III and the man in the straw hat is Capt. D.W. Wishard. Right or wrong let's hear more!!
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