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I've noticed the absence of many posters lately, and I'd like to start an oldtime thread in which hopefully many of you will want to share your wealth of knowledge, memories, and hopefully photos: BOATYARDS ALONG THE RIVERS. I offer here 3 pictures from our Rock Island yard, Kahlke Brothers. Fred Kahlke was the last brother remaining in the business, which ended with putting a new hull on the LONE STAR in 1957. Kahlkes refused to switch to steel hulls which was their ultimate demise. But in their heyday they were one of the biggest yards on the UMR. The most famous boat was the ferry WJ QUINLAN, which was converted from the DAVENPORT to the WJQ in 1924. Since Mr. Quinlan still owed Kahlke money when the boat was condemned in 1945, Fred Kahlke had her drydocked in the yard in hopes of putting her back in the water and recouping his money. We know that failed. Much more later, if you wish, and hopefully we can get Jerry Canavit to comment, he's the ultimate Kahlke expert. But please, let's hear about other yards and your remembrances, experiences, etc. Its still snowing here and we need a Hot Stove League to warm things up!
Pix 1) 1957 The last Kahlke project, putting a new hull on the steam towboat LONE STAR. The ferry WJ QUINLAN is rotting away above her on the ways(to the east)
Pix 2) taken in 1950. The QUINLAN is in better shape, out of the water less than 5 years. In the foreground is the little excursion boat PIPE DREAM, which eventually sank in Lake Potter in Sunset Park, RI. I'm thinking that the unpainted small boat by the WJQ's stern is the PEARL. The green and white houseboat is the BERTETTA sp? There are at least 3 other boats partially visible too.
Pix 3) Here's the bow of the WJQ, the stern of the BERTETTA, and the FREDDIE BOY
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