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Default Roast Duck in the Pitman Well

Now that you got me to thinking.... There was the time he bawled me out for dumping the garbage into his pitman well. Yes, fiolks, there was the time that all Her Nib's garbage went to feed the fish and other creatures dwelling beneath the waves.

As pressure mounted to conceal our dirty deeds from spying eyes, orders came to dump the refuse into the starboard pitman well with the intention of flushing it into the wheel and out of sight. But, before the garbage could be hosed completely out of the well, we had to stop for a lock, and by time the locking was done it was watch change and my boys went on to breakfast and their racks and forgot about the roast ducks and rotten cabbage reposing in the pitman well.

On my way past the engine room, KPH, Jr. met me with a wail, "LOOK AT MY PITMAN WELL FULL OF ROAST DUCK!"

Actually the chewing-out was delivered in a humrous manner, and Ken and I still recall when my deck crew left his pitman well crammed with the soil of the previous night's banquet.
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