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Steamboating colleagues:
The 'Grumpy' thread initiated by Alan is a good one. I never worked on any steamboat but saw a number of the personalities listed above at their jobs from a distance or up close. When any man or woman makes the big step from dry land to the deck of a boat or ship it's a whole new world of duty and responsibility and there is bound to be personality changes. I've had more experience directly with officers on navy and passenger ships observing this change. In the days before 'human resources executives' officers accomplished many chores from hiring to assigning duties, managing and, if needed, firing. All of that was--at times--far from the eyes of the home office and many in management positions. As a kid Capt. Jesse Hughes would question me about my schools and more than once say, "Your duty is to duty...always."

Some years back Capt. Fred Way did an article in his sage S&D REFLECTOR with photos showing Capt. Tom Greene, Capt. Jesse Hughes, 'Stogie' White and others working on the then new GORDON C. GREENE undergoing renovations with tools and paint brushes in hand wearing overalls with paint daubs on hands, hats and clothes. Fred later posted a letter to the editor in which a correspondent commented innocently, "I didn't know captains and pilots were expected to paint and work like that." Need I say more?

R. Dale Flick
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