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A great chance, if we do it right! We need to convince the members of the House's Committee on Rules to accept the amendment to the bill. For that we need to tell them that how important it is for America to keep the Delta Queen running and we need to tell them why the Delta Queen is absolutely safe to travel on. Most of them are up for re-election in 2008 so they might listen to us, even when Rep. Oberstar asks them to not allow the amendment being amended to the Coast Guard Authorization Bill.

I'll send out more details about this as soon as possible by the newsletter and of course will post more information here, too, to give you all the information you need when contacting the Rules Committee members.

The Coast Guard Authorization Bill H.R.2830, and if you wonder - yes, it's the 2007 Authorization Bill that still has not passed legislation.

More information at, soon. I'll keep you posted here.

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