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Default WJ QUINLAN pix of week

I don't know if this is the right category, or if it should be river talk. The QUINLAN was built in 1904 as the DAVENPORT. She operated in tandem with a smaller ferry, the ROCK ISLAND. In 1924, W.J. Quinlan bought her, had her extensively remodeled in the Kahlke Boatyard in RI, which is where this pix was taken. When she was condemned by the Coast Guard after her 1945 season, money was still owed to Kahlke for her conversion, so Fred Kahlke took possession of her and put her up on the shore at his yard. He vowed she would run again. She burned April 8, 1967. She was about the size of the JULIA BELLE SWAIN: 112.5 x 36.5 x 3.5. She was unique in that she was a working car/pedestrian ferry but was also an excursion boat. She carried a 4 piece band, had a dance floor on the second deck along with a bar and a few slots. Both my parents rode her frequently. The fare was always 5 cents, and you could ride all day for a nickel. Jerry Canavit, now of San Antonio, is THE QUINLAN/Kahlke expert. He lurks on here sometimes...
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