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Hi, Bob:
Lucky you finding that copy of 'PILOTIN' COMES NATURAL' at a book store way up there in New York. Such books surface frequently and are real treasures to steamboat scholars and collectors. Indeed, the Purser on the GORDON C. GREENE was none other than Robert H. [Bob] McCann. Bob served many years on the GORDON until the then new DELTA QUEEN was added to the GREENE LINE fleet here in 1948. A number of Fred Way's books were sold aboard both the GORDON and then the DQ and the custom was for passengers to have as many of the officers/crew autograph their copies as possible. I wonder if that tradition continues? 'Farrar & Rinehart, Inc.,' New York and Toronto was Fred's publisher and as World War II continued smaller print versions were done for the troops to read and stow in their sea bags, chests and lockers. If your book still has the 'dust cover' be sure to keep it as that adds value to first or later editions.

Yes, "quiz games," contests etc. were much in vogue then as evening entertainment on the GREEN LINE boats for years usually with Capt. Mary B. Greene officiating. Period brochures/travel folders of the day mention the various activities and entertainments on the boat. This a tradition that went way back to the earliest GL steamers. The Greene family were 'hands on managers' of their boats 24/7/52 similar to General Motors in MBWA ['Mangement by walking around'...and working hard with keen eyes on the books in the Purser's office.] There have been numerous 'threads' and follow postings about life on the GORDON on this web.

R. Dale Flick
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