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Default Danube Gorge and Rhine-Main-Danube-Canal

Here are some photos of our recent trip to Kelheim, a nice little town on the Danube River where the Rhine-Main-Danube-Canal is entering the Danube River.

Photos are showing the Danube Gorge, the old King-Ludwig-Main-Danube-Canal (end at Kelheim), castle on the bluffs with wooden bridge over the canal, Kelheim lock on the canal, typical German self driven unit. The lock chambers on the canal are 620 feet long and 39 feet wide.


Danube Gorge and Rhine-Main-Danube-Canal-kelheim2.jpg

Danube Gorge and Rhine-Main-Danube-Canal-kehlheim1.jpg

Danube Gorge and Rhine-Main-Danube-Canal-kelheim3.jpg

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