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A few more. This was Phil Westbrook doing his incredible "By Request" show, with Bobby Durham's band and Rosalinda. If you even remotely like Sinatra, you gotta see and hear Phil's show. The second is of the two good friends performing together, Phil and Paul Penta, in the Engine Room Bar. Notice behind the two guys, if they had been clean, the 2 windows, out of a total of 6, are real interesting...they look directly onto the top 1/3 of the paddlewheel, should be quite a sight with the windows clean and the boat moving. The paddlewheel is lit up with a multitude of spotlights to enhance just this effect at night.

If you look real carefully, there is a "Save the DELTA QUEEN" button up on the motorcycle Santa above Paul's shoulder in the second pic. Who put that there? :-)
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