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Wow- you do make me sorry I missed it but mainly because of what you said about the entertainers.

When I first started working on the boats, I was awed by the entertainment staff almost as much as the boats themselves. There was a sense of being invited to their personal parties regardless of which boat it was.

Years ago (when I was young and single) I had gone on a week long cruise to the Bahamas. Sure, I had fun although I doubt that I was truly sober the entire time. But, what I recall of the shows was a big business type of show.

I think that many other crew members get their cue from the entertainers as far as personal interaction with the guests. And while there is a certain amount of discouragement from being too familiar in most service businesses, the steamboats seem to encourage a true family atmosphere.

I am way behind in reading everything else because I have also had some computer issues plus I have been dealing with so many other issues. I did spend New Year's Eve discussing my procrastination on my book that several at the party had already read my Staples printed copy. They wanted to know when I was booking my trip so they could see about booking theirs. Since I had not talked to some of these friends in quite a while, it was interesting to me that my life of various other accomplishments had now been simply noted as that crazy Italian gal who abandon her conventional life and went to work on steamboats.

Well, I am way behind on some other stuff too and no time to read more. Happy 2008! I still believe that whether the DQ gets an exemption will be determined by how successful the rest of the business is for Majestic America Line I am watching the airline industry cut flights and use smaller planes on most routes except overseas travel when big birds rule the skies. It is the same principles as the steamboats.
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