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Now that sounds like the ticket, no pun intended.

Chattanooga, Birmingham, Little Rock, Alexandria, Peoria and Mobile also sound wonderful as DQ destinations in 2009. Matter of fact, right now, even a trip to Helena on the DQ in 2009 sounds like heaven.

All fingers and toes are crossed, I walk funny but that's the price...The DQ situation does look a little more optimistic now, to me and Deb, than it was exactly 5 months ago. Another issue that is starting to raise it's ugly head is that the plethora of boats (what is it now, with the Contessa gone and the MQ out another year at least, 7 boats?) collectively are still not making money (or at least not making the money the stockholders want) as told to me by a few reliable sources. I suggested to any and all that would listen that the boats would make money if they just lowered their rack rates a tad say 20%, or better yet discounted/rewarded the dedicated diehards that book a ton of time in advance...but they're not I type this I'd really like to book the March 8th AQ cruise, but not at rack rates, thanks...don't quote me but the AQ was less than 50% full last week and of that most were repeaters...what does that say?

But the issues concerning the DQ do look a just a tad more rosy and for small favors, I'm thankful. Happy New Year to all...
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