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Hey Bob,
To answer your question about Sutton being the Master of the AQ, no. He is our port captain. About the wheel being chained down, well didn't need to turn it for this trip. Z-drives handling the vessel very well. The AQ will be winterized for the layup. All liquids drained and sollutions put into place to prevent pipes and toilets from bursting. It will go through layup in STL area, while the DQ and MQ will do their layup in Mobile, AL. The dry dock, once located in NOLA that handles these vessels have been moved there. The shipyard in NOLA is doing so much new work that they are not interested in lifting the boats for their hull inspections.
It is just speculation, but I figure that when we finish the last cruise of the season, we will depart NOLA that evening and bust over to Mobile before the navigation crew is dismissed or as they say, terminated.
Jim Davis
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