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Deb and I are internet challenged right now, thank the gods for my office machine or I would be getting the shakes right about now.

Anyways, I'll wait untill my satellite dish is fixed to give the forum a full report. Anybody else that wants to chime in, that would be great.

I will say that she is beautiful boat if not a tad big, with wonderful entertainment. There were enough DQ employees aboard to make it special and very second familyish, if you catch my drift. She ain't no DQ but she does have her special, unique charms. Yes, we are planning to cruise her again. And it was wonderful seeing old friends and making new friends with fellow dot.orgers, the Bear and the Redhead.

We had a great, great time...and for you out there that know the story, I got to hear Louie, Louie on the calliope again!

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