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Default *Cincinnati vote on DELTA QUEEN Iniative.*

Steamboating colleagues:
Cincinnati City Council member Ms. Leslie Ghiz just contacted me here with the following information RE: the DELTA QUEEN iniative/resolutions.
* * * * *

Dale: "Just to let you know that my resolution supporting the DELTA QUEEN will be up for a vote at the 'Tourism Meeting' on Tuesday, December 18th at 4pm. Please consider attending the meeting and please pass this note to others who may be interested." Leslie

* * * * *

I assume this will be here in City Hall but don't know what room or if in general chambers. I will do all I can and more to attend this meeting. I have doubts any 'comments' will be solicited from the audience. Security and protocol requires attendees to sign in upon entering.

R. Dale Flick
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