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Pat: Although they never disclosed publicly the cause of the sinking, many thought it was likely due to what happens all too often when old steamboats become restaurants -- not enough attention and maintenance devoted to "below the waterline" and the hull was tissue paper thin. According to newspaper accounts, several people who were aboard at the time of the sinking in the wee hours of December 2, 1967, reported that the old boat began listing and went down rather quickly.

Attached are several photos, from a series taken in early 1968 by a newspaper photographer, as the boat began to disintegrate. Sad!
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40 Years Ago - River Queen Sinking at St. Louis-river-queen-b-w-1.jpg   40 Years Ago - River Queen Sinking at St. Louis-river-queen-b-w-2.jpg   40 Years Ago - River Queen Sinking at St. Louis-river-queen-b-w-3.jpg  

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