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Hi, Darin:
Good question about "reflagging the vessels." I'm fuzzy on that without digging/researching. I doubt it, but there are others more informed who frequent this web who would know the regs and international agreements [Don, Ted, Bob, Alan, Kenny?]. Many of these ship/boat operations are in international ownership and management. It comes down to 'flags of convenience,' along with some companies doing the big 'paper shuffle' [i.e. 'paper corporations] in offices. Again, if we dig long enough the answers--or partial answers--can be found.

I hate to editorialize, but know from experience that when you enter the realm of social or political initiatives...which the DELTA QUEEN matter enter an arena of 'licensed warfare.' The battles should be fought over the issues alone...not a war of 'personalities.' What we think of them...or they of us...isn't the issue. The SIU's pointed response as posted here recently is a prime example and when I get a sniff of 'legal' I just think and go 'Hmmm.' That communication wasn't just a warning was a battle cry. These business and political people have long memories. I've had my head beat in over the years politically on issues with scars and bruises to prove it. Well, perhaps I'm just getting too old now and my skin too thin...or is it calloused? Again, 40 lashes with the cat o' nine tales for Dale.

R. Dale Flick
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