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Hi, Charles, Judy, David and others on this thread:
The 'link' Charles has provided is most interesting to the point of 'intriguing.' It comes as no surprise to me. If you click and click again on their web site note the left block with 'Crew management.' Read down and you'll learn plenty. This new trend in vessel services has come about in recent years. In previous times most big lines employed their own 'nationals'...England, France, Germany, Greece etc. registering vessels under 'flags of convenience.' The Bahamas and Monrovia are not 'world powers' in my way of thinking. The services V-SHIPS offer is wide-ranging and complete. Today many cruise lines/shipping companies tend toward multi-national crews serving from the keel on up from engineers to deck crew, officers, hotel staff etc. In V-SHIPS one paragraph they mention "Expectations [today] of crews." I'll explore this site more to discern if they are also in the arena of not only vessel management but consult on sales and promotions. Takes time to read, digest and get through the international finance language that often confuses people.

Monaco is a most interesting enclave to visit if you haven't had the opportunity [When you visit or drive through just toss you wallets and travel checks out the window as it is VERY expensive]. The principality is now a center for international corporations and enterprises due to the tax structure/incentatives and ability for the very wealthy to seek a haven via offices or 'declared residency' status. Switzerland, Grand Cayman and others 'havens' abound today catering to the international money markets. I'm reluctant to say "hide money there" but that's the way it is. On liners and sailing ships in recent years I've taken note of the crews being composed of at times 40 various nationalities. Too detailed for me to expand on here. Without undue prejucide against Monaco, I always had the impression there's a lot of good but also a lot of questionable 'dirty money' hidden there. Fabulously rich oil sheiks, munitions merchants and international barons tossing millions away each night on the casino's roulette tables isn't my cup of tea. Yes, been there, seen it.

Seems the more we question...the more we dig...the more we find. Thanks for the links.

R. Dale Flick
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