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Default Mosier's reputation with the 'oldtimers'

I think we covered that in the thread about the new AMIE director - those of us around at the time all seem to have positive feelings about Mosier. One of the things I stated was that when President Carter wanted to ride the DQ, the 'company' (Mosier?) pressured him to ride the MQ instead. Since it was the DQ or nothing to Carter, Carter rode the DQ, and Mr. Mosier certainly saw what a true star she and her crew were(see crew bonus). So I have to think that he would still have some conviction that she is a viable and necessary part to the success of a riverboat cruise company. And while 'the union' and 'Congress' have been assigned the blame for the lack of the exemption, I have to think that if AMIE/MAL really wanted the exemption to pass, they could convince Congre$$ themselves.
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