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Hi, Judy:
That was a 'goodie' for sure. I sure at times feel "the worse for wear." You know how all us old retired school teachers get bedraggled with time.

Wanted to compliment you on the excellent array of photos you contributed to Steve/Barb Huffman's 'Excursion Boat Calendar, 2008." Three that caught my eye are the J.S. of 1901; W.W. of 1882; and SIDNEY of 1880. Great collection and thanks for including in the calendar.

I'm 'sure' I recall that long 'delivery pennon' flown from the top of the MISSISSIPPI QUEEN when she first landed here in Cincinnati, July, 1976. Somebody else out there in steamboat land around at the time may recall it. Sure like to know where it ended up.

R. Dale Flick
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