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Hi, to all of the above who've posted to 'enlighten' me on the Majestic America Line logos:
WOW! you all responded to my 'flag, ensign' posting on not only the DQ but vessels in general. Guess what I posted is the old U.S. Navy coming out in me. Shows you how out of the 'loop' I am here. Much appreciated. Back some months ago I did a posting commenting on the new Majestic America Line logo as resembling the SWAN-HELLENIC logo for their ship and classic journeys to the Mediterrean world and other ports. Frank Prudent and I even discussed it somewhat off of this web.

What's in a flag/pennant? Plenty. Centuries back when many were illiterate they indicated who was what and when. Being on the then new MISSISSIPPI QUEEN for her initial shake-down cruise, July, 1976, I seem to recall an impressive long pennant ['Pennon'] mounted on the very top of the boat streaming in the wind. There may be pictures of it here in my junk to dig out and review. Any of you out there around at the time--or on the MQ--recall that long streamer? Those of us there then from the very beginning of the MQ from her initial hull plate laying, launching, christening to the first trip are a dwindling group now much worse for the wear. Wonder what ever happend to that MQ pennon? Well, what do I know?

R. Dale Flick
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