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Marian, Carmen, Jim: All good observations. I remember hearing from Sharon's grandfather that when the MQ was on the drawing boards, a contingent from the company (Muster?) came aboard the DQ to show passengers what the new boat would be. Mr. Shrake said they were literally booed when they showed the slides of the proposed boat. One of many mistakes the designers made was not having promenade space for passengers. Many things have been changed and/or rectified on the MQ, but this is one thing that has not and probably cannot be chaged.

I personally feel TV is not needed. The only possible reason I can come up with is that if they are trying to market to younger people, they might have a DVD library for folks to choose to watch DVD's at night instead of the live entertainment, some of which might not appeal to a younger audience. If so, they'll cut down on those bar bills!

While I personally never cared for the MQ, it, and all the boats, have their ardent fans. I agree with what's been said here that the company should capitalize on those feelings and work toward selling the unique experience of "Voyages to America".
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