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Bruno: So glad to hear that you and Deb will be "on deck" for the fourth River Ramblings program -- and I haven't forgotten that I owe you the curator's cellar-to-attic "behind the scenes" tour of the museum! Hard to believe that we'll be celebrating the museum's 50th anniversary in 2008!

I've tried to arrange these programs so there are other steamboaty events going on (such as BELLE OF LOUISVILLE cruises) the same weekend, not only to add to the fun and fellowship when river people gather, but to make it even more worthwhile for you folks who kindly travel LONG distances to be with us. The DQ's presence at Louisville on Sunday will certainly be an added feature -- and there are some other possible surprises in the works for that weekend too!

Thanks so much for your continued support and enthusiasm! And much appreciation, also, for the very kind letter that you and Deb recently sent to me at the museum while aboard the DQ at Oak Alley, one of my favorite river plantation houses! That made it extra special!

Keep up steam!

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