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As I recall the ONA (Overseas national Airways) folks had ties to designers in England. The QE 2 (1969) was the latest and best (?) afloat at the time. A lot of the inspiration for the MQ interior came from the QE 2, for example the curved staircases in the Paddlewheel Bar. (the Hinkley brothers)

During the same period Bill Muster (California) and Betty Blake were an important part of the design process. Anyone remember the glass desk in Betty Blake's office on 4th street?

The blue and green plexiglass on the top deck might have been hip for the time, but sure cut down on the ventilation for those sitting on those plastic strip sled chairs!

Look at photos of the hair, clothes, automobile styles of the day and one can get an idea of how the original MQ was outfitted when she came out.

No critizem, no apology, no personal comment on the design, just a few random thoughts on the times and seasons of the late 60's and early 70's.
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