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On our cruise there were rumors that the MQ will be refurbished while winter lay-up. There was nothing said about how she will be refurbished. During our cruise we received a booklet called "The Mississippi Queen A Magnificent River Lady - A 30th Anniversary Retrospective * 1976 - 2006" by Brian M. Hughes. Let me quote out of this booklet:

"The Mississippi Queenīs sleek, glistening white exterior was punctuated by splashes of green from Plexiglas panels set in selct rails. Staterooms were simple and unadorned, relying instead on brightly patterned bedclothes to provide texture and contrast. Public areas had modern tubular steel furnishings, etched glass and mirrors, and brass accents." and "Guests were dazzled by the profusion of chrome, glass and plushness that surrounded them. Service was first-rate, the cuisine excellent and staterooms, though sparsely decorated, in keeping with the designersī "less-is-more" philosophy of the day, were still comfortable, if not opulent."

This was 1976. Then..

"In 1988, Equity Group Investments began a multi-year program of refurbishment to the Mississippi Queen, guided by their senior architect Al Luthmers. The first round of renovations cost $2.5 million, and war largely motivated by the comments from Steamboaters who didnīt share the Mississippi Queenīs creatorsīdesign philosophy. Brass and chrome were out, no matter how authentic to the boatīs 1970s origins. Passengers wanted the fru-fru and ornament of a good, olī fashioned Mark Twain Victorian riverboat. Applying it to the boatīs markedly boxlike design was a challange, but soon the ornate curlicues and pressed-tin ceilings of the late 1880s appeared, the green Plexiglass was removed, and new exterior signage and graphics proclaimed the boatīs historic lineage."

So as we read there, the MQ came out with a modern design and by the request of the passengers it was later changed to the Victorian style we can see now.

By the way Iīm asking myself where to put a TV in a cabin. Iīd even find no place for a flat screen (LCD or Plasma). And telephones (onboard) are installed already. I donīt think a ship-to-shore service is really necessary with all the cell phones.

To be honest the MQ urgently needs a refurbishment. The interior is not in a really good shape like worn out and stained carpets all over the boat, chair covers are stained and chairs are partly broken and more. You canīt claim the new prices with a boat looking like that. These are the first points mentioned in each critic/review.

I truly hope they wonīt change to a modern design which didnīt really work out 30 years ago. And I doubt itīll work out now. Build in closets, make the beds higher so you can put a suitcase underneath the beds for storage. Get rid of those metal chests of drawers. TVs are not really necessary, maybe a minibar in the AA / AAA rooms. A permanently installed hair dryer would be nice instead of that loose travel size thing. Also a hotel like hang-up storage place for the iron board and iron. There are many small things which would help much.

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