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Well, if "modernization" is in the plans, how far behind could the big, bad word "dieselization" be? A diesel power plant would no doubt be more economical but, for me, it would destroy all the appeal of these boats. The AQ is bacically a hybrid at best and runs without it's steam engines with no problem but MQ and especially the DQ are pure steam boats. Since DN or the new company got rid of the spare engine components, I've been expecting to hear this would happen to the DQ, if not actual retirement.

If it is retired, perhaps an effort should be made to acquire the DQ by a group of subscribers and operate it under their own flag; a kind of time share organization if enough subscribers could be found. Of course, they would have to contend with the coming renewal of it's congressional exemption. 285 people @ $1,000 per week x a 40 week annual schedule would raise $11,400,000 per year. Would that be enough to buy, operate and maintain the DQ? Could the required 11,400 subscribers be found? If so, that would give each subscriber an effective rate of $142.85 per day, a big savings. Food for thought! Comments and ideas most definitely welcomed.
-Jim Herron
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