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As I read your post, another thought occurred to me. When the steamboats decided to market to families, it made more board games available. Perhaps, instead of modernizing, they should increase the library space on the boats. Sitting on the deck reading a good book with glances up to see the sights- that is a vacation!

As for modernizing on the DQ too- well there goes the neighborhood. What would they be thinking!

Oh, I also think they need more jigsaw puzzle space on all 3 boats. I have considered mailing the boat my steamboat jigsaw puzzles except for the one from the Barbara and Steve. I do that one over and over.

Also, I still say spend money on staff because they are part of the package that lure the passengers into being repeat passengers. Sure, a person shouldn't not book just because their friend is not working there. But, on the other hand, doesn't it feel great to go on a vacation where people remember your name and ask how you have been? It is like visiting family without all the problems of visiting family. Well, if the boats want to retain good crew, they have to be good to the crew like any land-based company. If you figure that working the boats is a job is a job is a job- well, that is the mentality that hurts USA productivity.

So, my advise to Ambassador on modernization is forget eliminating old Victorian decore, forget TVs- consider what draws people in- the entertainment, the service, and most of all the river itself. Cut deals with the airlines- deals with the trains- do what you can to get people booking the cruises. They are not coming as an alternative to a Carnival Cruise or a Disney Adventure. They are coming for the adventure of riverboat travel. And about all they really have to pack is a few changes of clothing and their camera.

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