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Hello Marian,

My oh my- will this ever openup discussions!

I have absolutely no facts just speculation. If they are planning an extended layup of the MQ, it may be because they are still having trouble filling 3 boats. Also, the MQ (and to a lesser extent the AQ) was in Delaware North's plans when it decided that they needed to attract families. The boats do provide family fun but in a step back in time way rather than with the latest in high tech toys.

Having TVs and telephones in every room can be viewed a few ways. The teenagers who would rather watch TV than the river may be sitting in the room. The telephone could also be viewed as a convenience although with today's cell phones, I can't even see phones in steamboats rooms as good emergency measures. Personally, I think the company wastes its money by putting those amenities in the rooms. But perhaps their market research is telling them differently. Some marketing guru might have sold them the concept that the boats will be filled if they offer the same bells and whistles as cruise ships. Personally, I don't buy it.

I think I speak for the vast majority of participants on this forum when I say- that is not how we want to go steamboatin' up and down the river.

In any business, it is impossible to please all the people all of the time. But, the boats are not really broken and don't need to be fixed. The fact that profits have not been huge in the past 10 years can be attributed to many many factors. But I would rather see (yes I am biased) a better pay and benefits package for crew before spending money on televison and electronic equipment. What's next? Electronic slot machines? Video Games? Canned music? Buffet meals? (I am not knocking buffet meals but for handicapped and elderly, buffet meals are a nightmare.)

The dream of riding the boats is the step back in time. That unique quality along with the best service in the industry (bar none) - that is what should be and could be filling up the boats.

I did not bring up the price break because I have very mixed feelings on that. Personally, I simply cannot afford to ride the boats especially as a single. But, if I could afford them, would I argue as much over the price? Maybe or maybe I would wait for the sale price or ask what discounts are available. But, either way, I sure would not ride the boats to watch TV!


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