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Default Rumors about modernizing boats

We were down to visit the MQ when it was in port July 24th. Some steamboaters who were also there visiting, told us that they heard when the MQ goes into drydock for the winter, the going to modernize the boat. They are getting rid of all the victorian decorations and using modern decor?? (how modern???) They are also installing TV's in every cabin. (I hope they remember to insulate the walls??) Some said telephones are suppose to be installed also. I guess there goes the beautiful brase hand rails and large victorian mirror on the MQ?
They said the AQ was also going to be redone. If they are trying to attract the younger generation with modernizing, forget that. Most couldn't afford the price. Heck, I can't afford steamboating any more! The Co. should gear their sales to the 55+, somehow lower their prices, and sell steamboating as a step back in time with Mark Twain emphazing our beautiful rivers as the central theme of steamboating not "wow", you will have a TV in your cabin!!!
Has anyone heard any rumors concerning remodeling the boats?
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