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Sounds like we need the exemption for now (quicker solution) and then work on getting the law changed once and for all, later. Do we have any expert working on documenting what has been posted about the fire retardant coatings and NASA developed paint? Is there anyway the manufacturer would provide us with documentation on the fire retardant coatings or is there a place on the internet to get information on the NASA developed paint? I know my Congressman Baron Hill thinks it's a safety issue. I'd like to bombard his office with all kind of scientific information (I certainly wouldn't understand it - and he doesn't need to). I want ammunition when I confront him next time he's in Indiana! (I hope those play on words don't get the CIA after me)! If there is someone out there working on this please let me know. I'm serious about providing technical information and trying to educate those so called legislators in Washington (of course, that's not what I've been calling them)!
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