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Originally Posted by Alan Bates View Post
Perhaps we are driving down the wrong road with regard to SOLAS. Maybe we could try to convert the SOLAS law to exactly what it says it is, for Safety Of Life AT SEA. Create a new law for safety on the inland waters and get away from this periodic renewal of an exemption. How about a SOLOR (Safety of Lives On Rivers) law that recognizes such simple physical facts as shallow water, lack of tsunamis, narrow passages, bridges, locks, and all the other trials of river navigation that are different than those on the oceans?
Alan, your idea make more sense than anything else that has been brought up! Those two words AT SEA have always bugged me, but no one else ever seemed to notice them and object. Seems like the DQ should have had a permanent exemption from the beginning, as she never goes to sea - except for towing her from the west coast. There are those who would remind us that she went out into the Gulf of Mexico on a few tips - but the Gulf is not open sea, and she was always within sight of land, even though she was further from shore than she normally is on a river.

In a perfect world, it seems like she she could be exempted in minutes - but we are dealing with the US Congress here. as well as the USCG, so would we have enough time to give it a shot??? Anyone out there know how to get this started?

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