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Originally Posted by Alan Bates View Post
Perhaps we are driving down the wrong road with regard to SOLAS. Maybe we could try to convert the SOLAS law to exactly what it says it is, for Safety Of Life AT SEA. Create a new law for safety on the inland waters and get away from this periodic renewal of an exemption. How about a SOLOR (Safety of Lives On Rivers) law that recognizes such simple physical facts as shallow water, lack of tsunamis, narrow passages, bridges, locks, and all the other trials of river navigation that are different than those on the oceans?
Actually, solitons (tsunamis are solitary waves) were 'discovered' by Russell when he observed a soliton on the Union Canal in Scotland. ;)
See also here:

Beside that, tsunamis are no threat to a ship in the open sea and are not considered in the SOLAS regulations. ;);)

Personally, I would not so much enquestion the regulations. The shores are not always that close and that the water is not always that shallow - and evacuating a passenger vessel can indeed be a problem even close to the shore. Also, it is undeniably not an advantage that the superstructure of Delta Queen is made of wood.

Delta Queen does not comply with nowadays regulations (which more or less make sense - more or less!) LIKE MANY HISTORICAL SITES ACROSS THE WHOLE WORLD. It is fact that she is a unique historical landmark which is the prime reason why she MUST BE PRESERVED AS OPERATIONAL (overnight) VESSEL.

I would put an emphasis on THAT instead of fighting the well established regulations. I agree that it can be discussed whether all of the regulations make sense or not - but they are very well established - to enquestion that is an uphill battle that can not be won. (actually the concerned people would very likely not even listen to such arguments)
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