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You may be onto something Alan. I can see the need for a separate safety law as applicable for inland waterways, as the current law which is applicable to the open sea certainly has little application to rivergoing vessels. It like comparing apples with oranges.

I remember hearing a while back that there was still a law in the books requiring all public establishments to provide a hitching post for their customers' horses. I think it's time to examine what is really in the law books and to write new laws and make amendments to old laws as needed.

Congressman Ed Whitfield agreed that the Safety at Sea Law hardly applies to rivergoing vessels and said he would do what he could to save the Delta Queen. Maybe, as Alan says, it's the Safety at Sea Law itself that needs amending to make it more applicable for rivergoing vessels. Our rivers are certainly not seas and do not require the same standards. Maybe with a change in the law we could get rid of the need for an exemption altogether.
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