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Default A great excursion boating opportunity

I wrote about alternatives to overnight steamboating recently, and Keith has just pointed out a wonderful chance for us to experience longer trips on an excursion boat, and not just any boat but rather the venerable BELLE. It does take some imaginative planning to do all of these trips, as Pat Traynor is in the process of doing now as she floats on the DQ, but it is possible to hook up 2 or all 3 of the BELLE's cruises to Cincy for Tall Stacks. Overnight lodging will be the hangup, but there are several Ohio River posters who could probably help interested parties locate some hotel rooms in the Carrollton area if you are interested. As Keith suggested, go to the BELLE's website and check on the Special Events. There is a cruise from Louisville to Madison on Sunday, followed by a short cruise from Madison to Carrollton. Then on Monday she cruises from Carrollton into Cincinnati, and they do have bus transportation available if you do just that cruise. If I weren't driving over to Cincinnati for a week of working on the NATCHEZ, I'd be on those trips! Its a great experience to spend extended time on the Grand Dame of the Rivers...
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