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I'm really bragging here, and I apologize, this thread reply is not meant to be that way, but I have everybody's CD's. Tony's, I'll agree is wonderful, deep and very, very soothing. A fall day in upstate New York, the woodburner going, a good glass of wine and Tony's "Time Was"... mmmm, mmmm, nice! And Tony, aren't you 'sposed to be coming out with calliope CD like any day now...?

Both of Jazzou's, Annie's, Bob and Bob's, and Tony's, they're like little pieces of pure magic. And if anybody has a copy of the supposed Mike Gentry CD, contact me, I want it. Does it have Rockytop on it?

But, Deb and I are very, VERY partial, to Walter's CD. As anybody knows that has read my past posts, I'm very attached, almost scary attached to the Riverboat Five ...and/or Four. They are the best, hands down and as a huge plus, all have been good friends to me and Deb. The band's CD has been played from North Carolina to the wilds of upper Canada, I blew fuses playing the bands stuff...and I'm still hearing about it from neighbors. Screw 'em...

What we need to do is convince the band to make a second CD...

Love you guys, 8 days until you play Muscat Ramble for us, we hope...

B. and Deb
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