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The other day I stopped by a local flea market/antique mall and found a dandy placemat with a color photo of the DQ, taken in the 1970's. When I took the item to the checkout counter (the price was 95 cents!) the cashiers looked at it and one of them said, "Ohhhhh, that's the old boat that is going to be tied up because it is so UNsafe!" I politely leaned over the counter and said, "Ladies, I have traveled on the DELTA QUEEN many times and even LIVED aboard it as a crew member -- and there is absolutely NOTHING UNsafe about the boat. In fact, I daresay that the DQ is far safer than the cars you drove to work today!" They were somewhat flabbergasted and I went on to explain the situation. They thanked me for "setting them straight"!

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