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Default A Hint of the Future?

I searched the Minneapolis-St. Paul Star-Tribune for any stories about the DQ. The only story I found is a small blurb dated Aug 18 which they seem to have re-printed from the Los Angeles Times.

Note quote from Joe Uberroth. Are they really considering a sale "abroad"? Where? Is wrecking her cruise future here not enough for them? Do they want to take this National Landmark from America, too?

"Delta Queen's final stop

Next year might bring the last dance of the Delta Queen, the 81-year-old doyenne of American paddle-wheelers. Its new owner says the boat's exemption under a 1968 law that bans wooden superstructures in some bigger passenger vessels expires in November 2008, and Congress is unlikely to extend it. The ship, on the National Register of Historic Places, will make its last scheduled Mississippi sailing from Memphis on Oct. 31, 2008. Its future after that is unclear. Joe Ueberroth, president and chief executive of Ambassadors International in Newport Beach, Calif., which bought the boat last year, said it might see service abroad or become a floating hotel and museum. Details: 1-800-434-1232,"
Los Angeles Times
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