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Cap'n Bill, I just got back home from a trip and read your comments. I haul cars part-time for some dealers in the Lexington, KY area. Makes me a little pocket money and gets me out of the house. I hauled gasoline for 32 years, and hauled out of the Gulf terminal at Frankfort in it's last days. I would like to learn all I can about the Gulf gasoline towing operation on the Kentucky river. Some men I knew at Gulf in Frankfort were Max Price, Howard Tracy, Gene Vanderpool, C.C.White, Bill Fitzpatrick, Richard Barkley, Bob Davison and Joel Hamilton. Tracey, Vanderpool, and Hamilton were originally from the Camp Nelson terminal. Bob Davison went to Louisville when Frankfort closed and worked with Ed Nunemaker. My father started as a driver with Gulf at Camp Nelson in 1935. When Camp Nelson closed, he was assigned to Frankfort, then to Louisville when Frankfort closed. He retired at Louisville in 1970. I also hauled gasoline out of the Louisville terminal for many years. My cousin, George W. Dean, is involved with the historic activities at Camp Nelson and High Bridge. Together, we have been collecting information and pictures from both locations. We, as well as everyone else on this site, would really enjoy hearing your stories. Also,we really need to find any pictures anyone has of the Gulf Terminal at Camp Nelson. Best regards, David M. Smith.
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