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David, I know that Gulf Oil had at least one of their own boats, the GULF INLANDER. It was renamed the LUKE GLADDERS at one time and I THINK is now the MARY LYNN, owned by Steel City Marine Transport.

Gulf also had their own ships in the coast-wise trade running between various U.S. ports on both the Gulf and East Coasts. Some of their navigation officers also held first-class pilotage on the Mississippi River up to Baton Rouge, allowing them to take ships up the river without taking a pilot aboard, much to the chagrin of the ship pilots' associations! Capt.Doc Hawley can shed some light on that one. Their aging single skin offshore fleet, coupled with Jones Act manning and inspection laws brought an end to thier coast-wise operations in the early 1980's.

I seem to also remember that Hougland worked towing product for Gulf Oil on the Ohio and Cumberland Rivers; maybe the Tennessee also?

I would love to have a history of Hines, Inc. (which is what I hope you are working on for the REFLECTOR!). One time Fred Way had a story of Duncan Hines (the man) and how the cake mix got its name, the same as the boat that Hines owned. One and the same person, and I will not spoil the story for you if you intend to repeat it in a REFLECTOR article.
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