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Default '08 Farewell $ea$on

[ Maybe it's just best for her to retire quietly with dignity at the end of this season, rather than be a part of the farce they are planning.[/QUOTE] Yes, Pat, I sadly agree with you. I hope they don't reschedule her for a grand farewell tour, as currently she is not to come up on the UMR in '08. When she left here last month, I took pix and froze the sight in my mind, thinking it could be her last time here. I want no part of the obvious money-making schemes Majestic America Line has concocted for next year. The DELTA QUEEN lives on in our hearts, Majestic America Line can't take that away from us! But we can keep our $$$$ from them. Hell hath no fury than a lover scorned, or something like that!
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