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Default The union(s) role

I believe there were, at one time, two unions affiliated with the boats, so I won't just say THE union. But I wonder if anyone at the unions has thought of this. This is MY OPINION. The union(S) opposition is playing right into MAL's hand!(in my opinion) This is exactly what Majestic America Line wanted(in my opinion) - someone to fight the exemption, someone to be the scapegoat. Instead of PUNISHING MAL, the union(s) are HELPING Majestic America Line in laying up the DQ(in my opinion). If the union(s) really wanted to retaliate for getting busted by MAL, they should go to Congress and SUPPORT the exemption!(in my opinion) Anybody from the union(s) reading this??? Please rethink your plans! You have been suckered into MAL's corner(in my opinion)
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