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You're right on target there, Jim!

I'm sure that Majestic America Line is already sharpening their pencils to figure how much they can charge us for the "special" trips next year (my opinion). We are to pay dearly to go on a trip to celebrate (?) the death of our beloved DELTA QUEEN - and we get to do this on a boat that is considered unsafe by the US Coast Guard, and obviously by Majestic America Line also, or they would be fighting tooth and nail to get the exemption.

If booking these trips next year would help the DQ in any way, I'm sure we would all book right away - but this is only a ploy for Majestic America Line to make more money (my opinion). Just re-read their Press Release - it drips with $$$signs and BS! The sooner they could get the exemption denied, the longer they have to market their new product: CELEBRATE THE DEMISE OF THE DQ.

In my opinion, Majestic America Line will not operate her next year, no matter what - and they surely won't sell her to someone who will! Maybe it's just best for her to retire quietly with dignity at the end of this season, rather than be a part of the farce they are planning.
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