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Default Cincinnati Post article with more details

A Cincinnati post article, written by staff reporter Greg Paeth, seams to be the first media coverage from a reporter that in fact did his own research, talking to people (including Virginia Bennett) and even got a statement from Majestic America Line:

Very interesting to read.

One part of the article particularily doesn't sound encouraging at all: "(...) But the company did not encourage steamboat fans or anyone else to get involved in an effort to convince Congress to grant another waiver. Ricard [MAL PR spokesperson] said she could not comment about whether the company would support such an effort. She also said she would not speculate about whether the company would operate the boat beyond 2008 if it received the Congressional waiver."

The really sad thing from my point of view is this: If Majestic is not interested in running the boat after 2008 they most likely won't sell it to someone else either - at least not for operation as an overnight passenger vessel. From a coldhearted business perspective this indeed makes no sense as it will start competition for the MQ and AQ - something Majestic for sure won't like to have.
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