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Default DQ not in good operating condition

I think that there is an important issue that is not being considered. The Delta Queen is not in good operating condition at this time. I was on the boat 19-26 July where the monkey rudder cable broke, we had two groundings due to problems with the steering hydraulic system, and other failures. We missed three of our four stops. (Getting bused from Demopolis to Birmingham on a bus that caught fire was another unpleasantry.) I understand from a traveler on the next leg (and someone on this forum has confirmed that already) that there was a further rudder breakage, another grounding, and other engineering problems. These things happen. I have records of other problems with the Delta Queen going back 20 years. These things have always been dealt with by knowledgable engineers. Our beloved Delta Queen needs a good deal of maintenance work by people who know what they are doing. If these repairs and regular maintenance, which may well be expensive, are not kept up, the boat will probably lose its Certificate of Inspection from the Coast Guard, which will make the SOLAS exemption issue moot. At the same time, the Coast Guard needs to recognize the unique engineering issues on a boat of this type, which many of the young inspectors are really unfamiliar with, and give some allowances for reasonable repairs that do not affect obvious safety standards. Perhaps Majestic America Line is not interested or in a position to sink a lot more money into bringing her back up to speed. How can we help with this?
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