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This is exactly why the SOLAS issue will be able to be overcome--we are NOT asking for any money from congress! What we are asking for is just a clerical issue that has been complicated by the Union. I believe we must now go after the Union as well as congress. If they can see that punishing Majestic America Line does the Nation NO GOOD, and could give then some very bad publicity AND does take jobs away from an AMERICAN CREW, maybe we can turn this around.
I have no idea who to contact, if some of our honored members can post that, you can bet that there will be a rapid letter-writing campaign. I MUST STRESS that the letters to the Union HAVE to be POSITIVE, asking for their support in this issue, we do not want to berate them at this point. Let's not make Garmatz's mistake of the "Poison letter” (although, that mistake is, IMHO, what finally got the original exemption passed—but it was the mistake of the “enemy!”)
David D.
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