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Just a note that the National Trust is currently under-funded. They were one of the federal granting org's that we went to for help with the BARBARA H.

I have a friend at the National Park Service headquarters in D.C. who is in a good position in the Historic Structures Division, which covers National Historic Landmark Vessels. I contacted him right away when I heard about the DQ's plight. He is in Asia at the moment, but I got an email from his blackberry saying that he would relay the issue to his office. They will of course be concerned about what will happen with the DQ, as it is a National Historic Landmark Vessel.

Regarding the National Trust, Save America's Treasures, and other federal granting org's, my friend in D.C. simply said: "All money is in IRAQ"....

So this is unfortunate, but in the DQ's case, she doesn't have the type of dire needs that a federal grant would be used for. The DQ's hull is fine, and she is operating is superb condition. However the National Park Service will keep tabs on her situation with regards to historic preservation. For instance, they would be concerned if the DQ was moth-balled for an extended period.

Getting Congress to review the failed SOLAS exemption, and put it back on their agenda is paramount.
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