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Default wording - please read

I'm upset as you all are and I'm very sad about what's going on. But please, keep opinion and facts strictly seperateted in your postings.

You may have the opinion that e.g. Majestic America Line didn't really try to get the exemption and you may have a strong feeling that this is a fact. BUT: You can't proof it. You may be right, but you may as well be wrong.

And while you can't proof this and other assuptions, please clearly mark your personal opinions as such and don't state them as facts. That's all I'm asking for.

Please respect this rule to help avoid serious trouble for this message board. (no, there is nothing between the lines when I say this. It's just the same old journalist in me. Claiming freedom of speech includes respecting an other constitutional right: the presumption of innocence, and I'm sticking with this old-fashioned stuff, sorry).

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