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Judy: I hafta side with Roddy on this. Not that the Natchez' whistle is bad, it is just that the BELLE's Whistle is better...a lot better!...the best that I ever heard. I'll take the DQ's whistle next! I'm sure that a lot of the preference for whistles is learned and strongly influenced by emotions of affection for the boat itself. We have several whistles to chose from on little MISSIE. The sweetest is one that came to us with the boat. It is a Crane "20" (6" x 3") nice and fitting to the size of MISSIE. On the other hand, the "Weed Monkey Whistle" came off a small locomotive, likely a Shay and is a three chime whistle by Buckeye Foundry (3" x nearly 8") designed to "clear the tracks"...methinks mebbe two or more miles ahead! It is rumored that it will lift paint! However, none of the four or five available can be blown with a note sustained for more than about four or five seconds, as the boiler is that soon depleated of pressure. But, a steamboat without a good whistle is about as satisfactory as a fox without a tail! We move the whistles around on MISSIE and sometime sport as many as three...depending on the occasion! Cap'n Walnut.
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