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I just found it under the pictures for the American Queen and you're right; it's definitely not a Lunkenheimer. I could have sworn I saw a picture of it with a Lunk sometime back, but maybe it was on the Mississippi Queen. I'm fairly certain the Delta Queen has always had a Lunk.

I believe the Mississippi Queen once had a 3 bell chime whistle made by the Davis Calliope Works, the same as its calliope. I was on board and took pictures of it in 1976. The problem was that it had undersized inlets and narrow slits which choked the flow, making it underpowered for the main whistle. With new bowls and a larger manifold it could have worked out well. The scale of the bells themselves were fine, similar to a Kahlenberg.

Originally Posted by Frank X. Prudent View Post
The AMERICAN QUEEN has only had two whistles that she can call her own, the HERBERT E. JONES' and the Kahlenberg that she sports now. She has never regularly blown a Lunkenheimer whistle nor a Powell Valve Co. whistle.
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