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The last I remember AQ's whistle had a dome top, which means either a Lunkenheimer or Powell, which are both of Cincinnati. I don't see any close up pictures of the whistle on the board anymore, so I can't keep up with any changes that may have been made. Kahlenbergs have flat tops. If they haven't changed it, the General Jackson has a 3 bell chime Kahlenberg.

Yes indeed! The Natchez does have a Lunkenheimer. My family and I were on the Natchez at the last Tall Stacks.

Originally Posted by Frank X. Prudent View Post
The AMERICAN QUEEN's whistle is a Kahlenberg whistle. Her original whistle was from the HERBERT E. JONES on loan from the West "Bye God" Virginia Jones.

Now, the NATCHEZ has a Lunkenheimer; talk about a whistle!
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