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Ok. I have a question, strictly as an HVAC, I "know all about steam", engineer..bear with me, steam is HEAT only, in my profession...I am still struggling with steam as power and steam as music...

When the note is played there seems to be a small amount of steam that seems to be blown straight downward at an angle away from the whistle, it sometimes appears to me to be a leak between the whistle and the steam supply piping, but I know this is there a hole in the bottom "bucket" of the whistle to allow steam condensate to drip away from the whistle to allow it to be "dry" any time it is warmed up and played? It appears that every calliope that I've ever seen playing has this small stream of steam that shoots down, at an angle, and to the outside everytime a note is played...

Ok, it's a little scary that I noticed I love calliopes, or what?

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